Welcome to matzeri.AlterVista.org

Last update: 2018-03-17

This website is basically a repository of my porting efforts to cygwin.
I am currently focusing on porting Octave ( www.octave.org) and the needed libraries
on Cygwin (www.cygwin.com), and playing with cygport in the meantime.
As by side effect, I am also the current cygwin maintainer for some of these packages.

To install the available packages from this Website using Cygwin setup.exe you need to run:

    setup-x86.exe -X -O -s http://matzeri.altervista.org
    setup-x86_64.exe -X -O -s http://matzeri.altervista.org

(-X skips the signature check and -O looks only on this website instead of the standard www.cygwin.com).

Due to space reason, except for test versions, the packages already available on www.cygwin.com are not here anymore.
All the other packages for cygwin are on
   here for x86
   here for x86_64

List of packages for which I am the current cygwin maintainer
   My packages

Additional stuff

Thanks very much to:
       Dr. Volker Zell for his patience and active reviews of my cygport efforts.
       Yaakov Selkowitz for cygport and much more.
       Dave Korn for the GCC-4 effort .
       Dr. Tatsuro Matsuoka for his support and efforts on octave.

Marco Atzeri

marco (dot) atzeri (at) gmail (dot) com